Vanilla Cream Chargers?

So the question is why do people consider vanilla ice cream the lowest form of ice cream – do thy nothing of the cream chargers scalar measuring for ice cream?

The notion that it is the most traditional form of ice cream could never be true – after all vanilla is a commodity that costs a lot and travels from further away – this niche would already give it a high score on the cream-chargers scale before anything else is even taken into consideration.

There is also the negative spin that is conferred onto the flavour from expressions such as “vanilla sex” – which is clearly designed to be derogatory. Here at greenes ice cream we think that people just throw out the phrases about vanilla being simple or basic because they have never tried “real vanilla” ice cream topped off with whipped cream and all of the trimmings.

The fake vanilla has no more of a place or reason to exist than a super glowing puke-strawberry that comes in a kids’ party cake. Try some real traditional vanilla made with the real bean – and not some generic artificial essence and then you’ll understand what I am talking about.