Solar Ice-Cream Chargers

The hotter it gets, the cooler it gets – that’s he deal, with solar ice cream chargers – still confused then read on …

So now you understand what I am talking about the hot sun makes us all cooler – and that is certainly the case here! The use of alternative energy in the case here of solar chargers to keep the ice cream nice and cool. SO the paradox of the hotter it gets the cooler you feel is now literally true and is not just limited to the world of sun-glasses and cut-off shorts! The solar chargers send their energy down into a battery so it really does not matter if the the sun goes in for a while – but would the system work on a cloudy day? Of course not, but then who would want t eat ice cream on a cloudy day anyhow???

I think this is more of a prototype – but I could b wrong there – and just think, if it words well for ice cream how well it would work with whipped cream. This would be a huge hit at events and festivals where hot only could you get the ice cream out to the masses but with all of those ce cream chargers you would attract attention which would in turn bring on more customers all very excited by the power of the sun.

There must be an equation/graph somewhere to illustrate the potential problem for an Icarus type situation of will it keep getting colder and colder as it get sunnier and sunnier? Find out more here