Malaga Pirate Ice Cream

Malaga is not just the name of a Spanish city; it is also the name of a delicious ice cream, with rum flavor and raisins. For extra flavor, you add raisins soaked in alcohol and ricotta (fresh Italian cheese, not rich in fats). Rum ice cream is a well liked assortment, especially by those who enjoy a drink. It does not need many ingredients, and it is important for the rum to be of good quality. And yes it can certainly be topped with some alcohol infused whipped cream so get those chargers at the ready!


70g raisins

70ml rum

20g brown sugar

250g ricotta

150ml whole milk

110ml cream for whip cream

100g powder sugar

Rum essence


In a small pan put the raisins, brown sugar, rum and rum essence. Mix it and let heat. Remove from fire and let cool. Mix until homogeneity the milk and ricotta in a bowl. The cream (well cooled) is stirred with powder sugar with a blender’s help. Them you add the milk mixture and combine everything really well.

Pour this composition in the ice cream maker. After 20 minutes, when texture is creamy, add more rum essence and the rum soaked raisins. When the machine program is done, put the ice cream in the freezer for 1-2 hours. Other recipes recommend soaking raisins in Malaga wine and leaving them over night, so you choose what you like best.

Preparation time for any ice cream is not long, but cooking time is vaster, so the desert must be prepared one night ahead or several hours before the moment of serving. Ingredients can usually be changed with others, according to what you have around the house and what the servers want. There is no other way to learn new things than by experimenting. So, if you have peanuts, candies, syrups, chocolate, biscuits etc. in the house, do not hesitate to add them to the served ice cream. Also, in every household, there should be a set of ice cream cups or cones, especially made for this purpose. Décor is very important in the eyes of the guests, and you want to make the perfect impression and leave no room for comments.