Extra Fruity – Traditional Ice Cream

Ice Cream with Compote, Yogurt and Cookies

This recipe is all about the colour – it makes for a thick, dense super-flavoured ice cream that really works well with the whipped cream chargers to life it up. What chargers to use – well it would have to e chocolate now wouldn’t it – that way you can persuade yourself that the healthy fruit compote is doing its bit to alleviate the badness – or is that bad goodness of the chocolate – it must be an ice cream yin/yang thing!

Ice cream is a real wonder when summer comes, especially because you can invent a lot of extremely colorful and delicious deserts. Ice cream can make the main ingredient of breakfast or dinner, mainly for people who do not have any diet restrictions. But someone who makes the desert at home can use the indicated ingredients, such as brown sugar, non fat cream, brown flour, and organic fruits. Salt and sugar are not compulsory because other products already contain these ingredients. Of course, if you are truly following the story here at Greene Ice Cream then the healthy aspect will be the last thing upon your mind right now!!

Ice cream
Fruit yogurt
Apricot compote

Place several cookies on a plate and pour some spoons of compote. You can use any kind of compote, but it is better to be a sour one, to create a nice contrast with the sweet ice cream. Spread some spoons of vanilla ice cream above the cookies. Above that, you can add some chocolate paste. Around the cookies, place spheres of melon, cut with a spoon. Between the melon and the ice cream, place the fruit yogurt, and above all, put a strawberry cut in two, for more color. The deep reds will conjure a lustful summer madness upon unsuspecting diners – so be very careful who you chose to give out out to!

For an ideal homemade desert, you can make the ice cream yourself. The ingredients you need are: cream, milk, sugar, vanilla extract. They are well blended and put in the ice cream maker. After a number of hours in which it has stayed in the freezer, it can be used fro further preparation. That just leaves the decoration with the cream chargers prepared super thick, super dense chocolate foam – it really will have you getting your kit off to enjoy the creamy splurge!

All types of fruits can be used, but the main idea is to create the contrast of tastes and to make it appealing to the eyes. In case you lack time, already bought ice cream will be as good. The advantage of homemade ice cream is that it is more natural and you can adapt it according to your wishes and possible diet standards. The same thing is available for the cookies you use. Decoration is also important, especially for guests, so various leaves, syrups and minced nuts can be very efficient in that sense. An ice cream desert is recommended after a heavy meal, being lighter and more refreshing than other deserts.