Espresso Ices

Coffee and cream – whipped with chargers or otherwise! This is as simple as it is perfect. I like o think of it as akin to slipping between cool silk sheets after a hot shower – does that picture get your chargers revved up?

Any coffee lover will enjoy a coffee ice cream on a summer day, mixing two favorite tastes, as well as mixing business with pleasure. The main rule is to use very strong coffee, preferably espresso, because the other ingredients can differ from a person to another. This ice cream variety should not be consumed in the evening or at dinner, because it can seriously affect sleep. It is good to know that coffee ice cream does not just taste like coffee, but it actually contains it. Rapid heart beat, sickness, sweating and palpitations are manifestations of a person who should avoid espresso.



4 yolks

200g sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla essence

200ml very strong coffee

200ml 30% fat cream

100ml milk

Cream chargers


To begin with, make the coffee. You can use strong espresso or you can boil coffee, using 200ml of water and 4 spoons of coffee. With a blender, mix the yolks with sugar and vanilla essence in a heat-resistant bowl, at high speed, until they turn white. This is a physical action and is very similar to the thickening that you get with the use of cream chargers – but at the same time there are differences. With chemical, unlike physical agitation then it is not possible to overdo it –you cannot over-whip cream with cream chargers.


The cream is heated and when it seethes, it is pored over the yolks. The products are homogenized with care and the bowl is transferred over a recipient with boiling water (bain marie). Continue to stir until the cream wraps the back of the spoon, meaning it is thick enough. Afterwards, remove the bowl from the recipient and add the coffee immediately. The cream needs to cool, after which you place it in the fridge, for it to have very low temperature before being put in the ice cream machine.

In you do not have such a machine, cover the cream and put it in the freezer, but mix it every hour. When serving, you can ornate with coffee beans, chocolate sauce, whip cream, cookies or anything else you desire. You should never offer coffee ice cream to a child, not even in the morning, because espresso is not appropriate for children. A very strong coffee containing ice cream must not be consumed be people with high blood pressure and others who know should not consume it.