Cream Chargers

The ice cream chargers rating system looks at all aspects of an ice cream to see how well it sacks up we give every one that we create an ice cream chargers score from the bottom chargers level all the way up to 11! (yes we love Spinal Tap!)

Here is the basis for how we work out the chargers rating:

In order to accommodate all six senses they each get a score from zero, one or two – expect for the sixth sense which can only get a one or a zero.



Is it memorable, does it give a clue as to the ingredients and flavour, is it emotive does it make you think/laugh/groan – doe it scan well on a menu?



This is all about the colour – it is shame but may ingredients go a bit brown when made into ice cream so a brown colour can definitely bring down the cream chargers score – save the brown for the chocolate and the coffee – for everything else we want rainbows. It is also about contrast – contrasting hues and shades – something that can be seen at a distance. Every flavour should be differentiated by site so no two must be the same.



We want it smooth, we demand it smooth – yes there are going to be lumps of the solid ingredients but even these need to carefully thought out. Now we want it sooth but not sticky – in Turley they have sticky ice cream because they serve it in a comedy fashion – with a long spoon. But that is not for us we want silky –velvet. For the inclusions we have a rule – everything chunky, everything the same size – so no surprise large bits and no contrasting textures – a mushy raisins should never be next to a crunchy peanut – we like surprises but not when they are weird!



Now, this is a tough one – the lack of volatility of many compounds at a low temperature mean the chargers rating can go right down when this aspect is judged. We find a healtyh dose of aromatics or alcohol really help out in this department.



This goes without saying, so not much more to report here!


Finally the sixth sense – this really is the WOW factor – either it has it or it doesn’t – and although it is a binary digit  – it really is the most important one because if this is zero then the whole thing goes into the bin anyway!

UK Cream Chargers

We take our lead from where they never seem to stop innovating in the world of cream chargers and the greene ice cream experience is very much built upon their work. The simple reason is that you most mutate to survive otherwise we would still be dragging our hairy palms along on the floor, scraping our knuckles in the dirt. When the ice cream was invented then things started to get interesting – when the whipped cream was added to the top then it got a bit better, when cream chargers were used to create that topping things go even better – but things never really started to get good until the Cheeky Monkey started to develop all of those amazing flavours to go into that whipped cream!