Greene Ice Cream Chargers – Whipped Flavours!

Greene Ice Cream flavours can be as simple as vanilla or as complicated as your imagination allows. Cream chargers are the degree of complexity and sensuality that is imbued into every mouthful of the ice cream.


As we experiment and grow our repertoire of ice cream flavours so our cream chargers experiences will expand. So why not come along for the ride?



We have been creating flavours for ourselves for a few years but are now officially inspiring our ideas to a local restaurant – which would rather not be named, because they wish to keep all of the credit to themselves. We have no problem at all with that and in fact enjoy the anonymity that this allows use and consider ourselves to be the batman and robin of the frozen dessert world.


We pick and play with the elements that can go into a new idea and then when we have found the perfect flavours we start to work on the textures – smooth is what we’re looking for, smooth, smooth, smooth …


The feedback that we get – relayed via the restaurant – is all rather promising, so we’ll keep going with what we are doing.




As Ben and Jerry noticed the name is an important part of a new ice-cream idea. We have been thinking but this and reckon that could be the missing part of many ice creams – the naming is all part of the cream chargers experience, the pudding makes no noise so the name is the only part that the ears will experience unless you are going to dip your lobes – so when you make your own then don’t skimp upon the name – remember the first taste is with the ears!

and we are totally inspired by the fairtrade notion and try to incorporate that spirit into everything that we do.

Cream Chargers

What would ice cream without cream chargers Greene Ice Cream is avoiding the obvious in the wonderful and wacky world of ice cream chargers. The whole journey from the grass to the cow, to the cream to the dairy to the marketing is worth a closer look – we at Greene Ice Cream are very much into the whole ice cream story and the love of the whiped stuff is our inspiration. It is hard to figure what it is exactly about frozen whipped cream that can be considered sexy or decadent – but that doesn’t stop it being so. Why is ice cream so much more sexy then gravy? Ask the bisto family why they never got modelling careers and became pinups in bedrooms in the same way an ice cream advert can?

Of course there might be something about OXO and it is juts a case that I am missing it – perhaps it is possible to run your gravy through a whiped cream dispenser and give it a sexy edge just like you can with cream? Although it would take a brave soul to then go and whip iton, lick it off – mmmmm lick my beefy bits .. see, it just doesn’t work now does it?

Keep coming back fro more as our recipe and info sections fill up here at Greene Ice Cream